Valmet Automotive has today published the Sustainability Report for 2023. The report presents the company's activities from a sustainability perspective through key events, measures, and plans. In 2023, Valmet Automotive continued to contribute to sustainable development and received significant international recognition for its work.

In a changing operating environment, the requirements of both customers and employees to sustainability issues continued to increase. The company has responded through the True Green Initiative, a program which translates sustainability strategy, goals, and practices into action. The program aims to integrate green thinking into all Valmet Automotive operations and sites.

The company's climate work in 2023 was recognized by the renowned international organization CDP with an A- rating. The rating reflects the company's strong and successful commitment to sustainability and places Valmet Automotive among the world's leading industrial companies in climate strategy and sustainability.

In 2023, Valmet Automotive produced a record number of 800,000 battery systems. In total, two million battery systems have been delivered since 2019. Last year, the battery business became the company's largest division in terms of gross sales, underlining Valmet Automotive's important role in the automotive and off-highway industries’ transition to low-carbon solutions.

Valmet Automotive initiated trials with renewable fuel oil at the Uusikaupunki, Finland, car plant in 2023. Together with emission reductions through the transition to renewable heating source at the Salo, Finland, battery plant the company reduced emissions considerably from its own operations. Scope 1 and 2 emissions are now reduced by 90% since 2019.

Valmet Automotive actively supports the employee well-being. The company's long-term commitment to safety at work was reflected in 2023, when all business lines achieved a significant improvement in their safety performance, with a record low number of lost time injuries in vehicle contract manufacturing, for example.

  • While the operating environment changes, Valmet Automotive continues to focus on sustainability. We are a world pioneer in electric mobility, and the rapid growth of our battery business shows that our vision is the right one. The top score for our climate work shows that we are also doing the right things in sustainability, says Pasi Rannus, CEO, Valmet Automotive.

Valmet Automotive's Sustainability Report is based on the international GRI guidelines. The company is preparing for reporting under the EU's CSRD Directive and last year carried out its first double materiality analysis. The report covers Valmet Automotive’s operations in Finland, Germany, and Poland. The report can be read and downloaded from the Sustainability section of Valmet Automotive's website at

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