When Valmet Automotive started developing their in-house competences to research and engineer battery solutions in 2009 to enable electrification according to the sustainable ideology, the battery research was still in its infancy. Electric vehicles seemed a futuristic hype but just a few years later the market started to grow. Today, we can proudly state that Valmet Automotive is one of the global front runners of vehicle electrification. Let the numbers speak for themselves: since we entered the battery business in 2018 we have already produced and delivered more than 2 million battery systems.

Reliability, know how and flexibility are in our DNA, and these qualities have helped us to invent and launch new successful battery solutions such as the Modular Power Pack, which we introduced in 2021 .

Crafted over a rigorous development process, the Modular Power Pack delivers high peak power, rapid charging, and long cycle life. Available in three versions – one featuring an integrated Battery Management Unit (BMU) for 48V applications and the other utilizing an external Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for high-voltage applications – the Power Pack ensures seamless integration and optimum efficiency.

We call the Modular Power Pack internally also a “sprinter” as it combines highest density and durability, everything a sprinter needs to have. This solution is tailored to meet the diverse power application needs of off-highway segments such as agriculture, forestry, construction, and mining and it boasts an advanced cell-to-pack battery concept with exceptional power density. Engineered with LTO cells for unmatched reliability, durability, and safety, the Power Pack shines in even the most demanding environments. It provides the power when you need it in the moment of truth.

With a strong focus on safety, quality, and adaptability, the Power Pack offers plug & play installation and modular integration for space optimization. Leveraging Valmet Automotive’s renowned expertise in industrialization and production, complemented by cutting-edge engineering capabilities, it stands as a dependable and efficient choice for OEMs looking to electrify their fleets.

As the shift toward electrification gains momentum for truck & bus and off-highway vehicles, Valmet Automotive’s Modular Power Pack stands ready to lead the charge in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for a sustainable future. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements on this groundbreaking product!

Modular Power Pack


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