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Offering the best possible and tailored solution for a vast variety of different heavy duty applications with the flexibility to make best use of available space –  made to work in harsh environment 24/7.

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Energy Pack Concept
For the most demanding requirements of Truck & Bus and Off-Highway equipment.

Energy Pack Concept


  • Latest pack design technology,​ ensuring high packaging density


  • Enabling longer range, higher payload​ or more operating hours depending​ on the end-application


  • High ingress protection grade IP6k9k/IP67


  • Flexible pack distribution on​ machine or vehicle level
  • Multiple mounting orientations possible


  • Safety certified Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Robust passive safety structure


  • Different configurations made easy​ up to 1,000 kWh, with a suitable​ step-size of 50 kWh per pack
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Modular Power Pack Two variants – Same housing
Covering from 48V to High voltage

Modular Power Pack for 48V applications

  • Battery Management System (BMS) integrated
  • Single unit application for low capacity
  • Parallel connected system for higher capacity
    • Highest total system capacity up to 300 kWh
    • Batteries can be controlled as a system or each unit as an own entity
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Modular Power Pack & BCU for High voltage applications

  • Connected by a separate Battery Control Unit (BCU) with integrated BMS
  • Series connected to match high voltage requirements
    • One system string with max 15 Power Packs on one BCU
    • Several system strings can be connected in parallel or in series to match targeted voltage and capacity
    • Voltage up to 1 kV
    • Capacity up to 300 kWh
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First products under Valmet Automotive brand

Power Pack and modular battery platform products are sold and marketed under the Valmet Automotive brand for automotive and other land vehicle end uses. For other future end uses Power Pack and modular battery platform are sold and marketed under a different brand name than Valmet Automotive.

Modular Battery Platform key benefits

   Plug & Play integration

  • Easy to fit into your machine or vehicle
  • Power Packs can be distributed in your machine or vehicle and be placed with any orientation to make best use of available space

   High cycle life and durability

  • Ensure high uptime of your machine or vehicle for best performance and profitability
  • Will support throughout the long life time of your machine or vehicle

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