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Offering the best possible and tailored solution for a vast variety of different heavy duty applications with the flexibility to make best use of available space –  made to work in harsh environment 24/7.

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Modular Power Pack Two variants – Same housing
Covering from 48V to High voltage

Modular Power Pack for 48V applications

  • Battery Management System (BMS) integrated
  • Single unit application for low capacity
  • Parallel connected system for higher capacity
    • Highest total system capacity up to 300 kWh
    • Batteries can be controlled as a system or each unit as an own entity
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Modular Power Pack & PDU for High voltage applications

  • Connected by a separate Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with integrated BMS
  • Series connected to match high voltage requirements
    • One system string with max 15 Power Packs on one PDU
    • Several system strings can be connected in parallel or in series to match targeted voltage and capacity
    • Voltage up to 1 kV
    • Capacity up to 300 kWh
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Modular Battery Platform key benefits

   Plug & Play integration

  • Easy to fit into your machine or vehicle
  • Power Packs can be distributed in your machine or vehicle and be placed with any orientation to make best use of available space

   High life cycle and durability

  • Ensure high uptime of your machine or vehicle for best performance and profitability
  • Will support throughout the long life time of your machine or vehicle

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