The recent Battery Show Europe held in Stuttgart showcased cutting-edge technologies and
innovations in the electric vehicle industry. More than 19,000 participants, and more than 1,100
companies – from specialists in cell bonding processes to production equipment suppliers for
gigafactories, from ultrasonic welding processes to certifiers. Among the prominent exhibitors,
Valmet Automotive stood out with its impressive showcase, attracting a steady stream of visitors
eager to learn about the latest advancements in electric vehicle battery manufacturing.

As a leading provider of automotive engineering and manufacturing services, Valmet
Automotive wowed attendees with its own developed battery solutions, state-of-the-art exhibits
and demonstrations. From advanced battery systems such as the Power Pack and the
recently premiered Energy Pack Concept, to sustainable production processes, Valmet
Automotive’s commitment to excellence was on full display throughout the event.

Visitors had the opportunity to engage directly with Valmet Automotive’s knowledgeable team
members, gaining valuable insights into the company’s contributions to the electric vehicle
market. The products on display and informative presentations further highlighted Valmet
Automotive’s dedication to driving innovation and sustainability within the industry. The Energy
Pack Concept raised special interest as for equipment manufacturers and integrators to showcase
a compact, scalable, and competitively priced solution to enhance electrification of truck, bus
and off-highway segments.

In conclusion, Valmet Automotive’s presence at the Battery Show Europe underscored its
position as a trailblazer in battery solutions for commercial vehicles. “It’s great that this worked
out, we were able to give a first insight into our product range from our own products to systems
supply to battery contract manufacturing,” says Jörg Schäfer, VP Sales.
As the demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions especially in the bus & truck and off-
highway segments continues to rise, Valmet Automotive remains shaping the future of mobility
with its visionary approach and cutting-edge solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates on Valmet Automotive and its groundbreaking initiatives in the
electrification of commercial vehicles sector, or reach out to us here!