Valmet Automotive starts today a recruiting campaign for 500 new carbuilders. The additional personnel is needed for the production of both the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV and the new A-Class at the Uusikaupunki plant. The applicant selection process will start immediately.

The campaign is a part of Valmet Automotive’s recruiting actions this year. Valmet Automotive has previously announced that it needs a total of 1,000 new personnel during 2018. Carbuilders are needed for positions in body shop, paint shop, general assembly and internal logistics. Valmet Automotive trains its personnel in all positions.

During the campaign, Valmet Automotive will actively participate in recruiting and other popular events. With positive feedback from last year, the company will also emphasize the online presence and social media in recruiting, and in late April–early May there will be again the popular recruiting tour in several cities around Finland.

Valmet Automotive’s plant in Uusikaupunki has expanded over the years and employs today more than 4,000 carbuilding professionals. With this figure, it is the largest plant in Finland. Besides the carbuilder campaign, the recruitments of supervisors and specialists will be continued.

– Valmet Automotive has excellent future prospects, and the company continues to grow rapidly. Our personnel needs are considerable, but our campaigns last year proved that Valmet Automotive is a highly interesting employer for applicants in all parts of Finland, says Mr. Tomi Salo, HR Director, Valmet Automotive.

More information on the available jobs can be found on Valmet Automotive’s website and on social media sites as well as on the recruiting website Applications to Valmet Automotive must be submitted online, the applicant interviews and the selection process start immediately.

Additional information:

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Tel. +358 20 484 8417
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