Valmet Automotive has today issued change negotiation proposals on the need to reduce personnel in the business lines at the Uusikaupunki plant. The proposals are based on financial and production-related grounds.

At the car plant, the proposal is due to the recent challenges in the operating environment and a decrease in car production volumes during the first half of 2024. The recent challenges posed by the operating environment have caused problems in the production chain, currently causing a two-week standstill at the car plant. During this period, production cannot be carried out. The financial damage caused by this situation is significant and will be critical if the situation continues.

Change negotiations apply to production employees, salaried and senior salaried employees in the vehicle contract manufacturing and battery production business lines, and in the Group functions. The need for adjustments will be a maximum of 180 person-years. The employer is considering temporary, part-time and indefinite layoffs, changes in job descriptions and a maximum of 10 terminations of jobs.

Solutions will be sought to best consider the interests of the personnel and the company.

Additional information:

Mikael Mäki, Manager, Corporate Communication, Valmet Automotive
+358 50 317 4308