At Valmet Automotive, many employees have started their career as trainees or thesis workers. In Finland, our summer internships for university students attract a lot of interest every year and, for example, last summer we received over 2000 applications. Valmet Automotive’s trainee program has been active for several decades, and we employ up to 100 summer trainees every year.

Trainees can get involved in real work in our company and the new perspective they provide is highly valued by us. Trainees also have the possibility to get involved in the development of our operations, the basis of our day-to-day business.

Have a look at the career stories below, they all started as trainees at Valmet Automotive.



Trainee year 2021: From Trainee to Quality Engineer

Jani works currently as a Quality Engineer at our battery plant and started his career at Valmet Automotive as a Trainee. In his opinion, Valmet Automotive is a large employer that offers a great variety of tasks and a working environment that is both multicultural and growth oriented. He also feels that work at Valmet Automotive is versatile and flexible.

“We have a great team spirit here, and you always get help when you need it. It’s also great that everybody can influence the work tasks by being active,” Jani emphasizes.



Trainee year 2023: From Trainee to Product Management Specialist

Pei-Yu started as a Trainee in Valmet Automotive’s Sales team and became a specialist after graduation. She finds Valmet Automotive inspiring because of its commitment to responsibility:

“I know Valmet Automotive cares about sustainability. If I imagine that one day all the vehicles are powered by renewable energy, I know that Valmet Automotive is part of the change, and so am I.”



Trainee year 2019: From Trainee to Information & Development Manager

Kaarlo’s career at Valmet Automotive started in 2019 as a trainee. After the trainee period he was employed permanently as a specialist, and then he moved to his current role as an Information & Development Manager. The automotive industry is currently undergoing a transformation, and Valmet Automotive offers a real opportunity to follow developments from the front seat. The company is investing heavily in e-mobility and intends to be a pioneer as an employer in the ICT sector as well, as knowledge management and data-driven business is now developing strongly.

“The best part of my job is learning new things every day. The current change is not just about technology and data, but rather about the culture and ways of doing business. This is an inspiring and challenging situation, and a great team makes it a fun place to work.”



Trainee year 2022: From Trainee to HR Specialist

Kristiina ended up as an HR Specialist at Valmet Automotive through a Trainee period. She likes the multiculturalism of the company, which brings together different perspectives and experiences. Furthermore, Kristiina feels that her colleagues are making her work so much more pleasant:

“What makes the job more enjoyable are the wonderful colleagues who contribute to a positive, collaborative working environment.”



Trainee year 2017: From Trainee to HR Director

Ira, today the HR Director, joined Valmet Automotive as a Trainee in 2017, when she was studying Marketing and Management at the School of Economics. Since a traditional marketing focused job did not appeal to Ira, she decided to look at job opportunities on a broader scale. During her Valmet Automotive career, Ira has worked in HR as a specialist, and written a thesis for Valmet Automotive on employer branding. A couple of years later, she moved on to develop the management team and internal communications. In 2022, she was offered the position to lead the HR department at the Uusikaupunki car plant, which she jumped at:

“Being open-minded can bring interesting job opportunities and great colleagues. As a specialist, I was managing recruitments and the Trainee Program, among other things. I also brought a new dimension to Valmet Automotive, working with educational institutions and participating in various projects. The best part of my job is creating and developing new things. And the people I get to work with are an absolute bonus. At Valmet Automotive you can always ask anyone for help and there is a real opportunity to learn. For example, Trainees are given responsibility, their own tasks and assignments that you can do independently.”


More career stories and tips on how to apply for a traineeship can be found on our website on Careers page. Our trainee positions are open from January 8 – February 11, 2024, and you can find them here opportunities for students.