Minna started in January 2023 as occupational health and safety manager at the Uusikaupunki car plant, but she is by no means a new acquaintance in the plant’s corridors. Minna, like many of our employees, has an interesting career path that leads to her current position.

Minna is already familiar with the car plant, having joined the plant for the first time back in 2015. In addition to her work as an occupational health and safety manager, she has also held HR positions as a work capacity coordinator and a work capacity management specialist. In autumn 2020, Minna moved to another industrial sector and worked as a manager for work well-being.

Already in her previous positions, Minna had worked closely with occupational health and safety and feels now excited about her new career path after returning to Valmet Automotive.

  • Learning new things has always been close to my heart. An indication of this could be the educational background I have accumulated along the way, first with professional qualifications in health care and later with a Master’s degree in both health and business studies. The most interesting of the professional courses are those of work capacity coordinator and trainer for work well-being card, Minna says.

Minna’s previous expertise in occupational health and human resources management and her experience of close cross-functional cooperation support her aim to strengthen cross-functional cooperation in her current role. In addition, the understanding and experience of processes and tools gained from previous assignments will help her to plan and monitor on a long-term basis.

  • I am a supervisor who believes in cooperation and in working together to achieve goals. The team has strong expertise and I feel it is important to use and showcase this by sharing responsibility and highlighting successes. I try to be as accessible as possible. My door is open, and you can always come and talk, no issue is too small or too big. I believe that by getting to know each other, even difficult issues are easy to talk about and can be solved together. Systematic competence development is important so that we as a team can support Valmet Automotive’s goals of improving occupational safety, says Minna.

Minna is looking forward to working with different actors and is already thinking about what kind of projects she will find herself in along the way. As a returning employee at Valmet Automotive, Minna says that the welcome from the work community has been warm, with much that is familiar, but also much that is new. There’s plenty to learn about the new job and health and safety, and that’s inspiring!