Always Learn – Valmet Automotive has started the apprenticeship training programs “From car builder to team leader” and “From team leader to area supervisor”

One of Valmet Automotive’s commitments, is Always Learn which encourages continuous self-development. That is why we launched in October the apprenticeship training programs “From car builder to ream leader” and “From team leader to area supervisor” at the car plant. Our aim is to support and develop individual career paths and know-how. Sofia Sura and Dagmara Fedorowicz attend the training and share their thoughts on it below.

Sofia Sura has worked for a little over a year in the Valmet Automotive body shop and hopes to find new challenges in the role of a team leader. “I expect to learn more about being a team leader, and the training will certainly help prepare me for the role of a team leader in many ways”, she says.

Dagmara Fewdorowicz works as a team leader in supplier quality control. “I like challenges and I want to learn something new. I have been a team leader for about 2 years I have a wonderful team and I believe the training will teach me how to be even better in my role”, she describes her expectations.

The training lectures cover, among other things, well-being at work, acting as a team supervisor, and issues related to the employment relationship that the team leader and supervisor need to know. One part of the training is practical training in production, which gives the trainees the opportunity to do work congruent with the training in practice. The goal is for those who have taken the course to get a new job as a team leader or supervisor in the near future.

“I believe that with this training, I will be able to achieve my goals faster. Besides, the vocational degree you get from education was one of the major reasons to apply for this education”, Sofia says.

“When I saw the announcement of the training, I thought it seems interesting and could be very useful in the future,” said Dagmara, who participates in the “From team leader to supervisor” training.

The training began in October, and for both, the initial meeting gave a good picture of the training. “Already after the first meeting, I had a really pleasant feeling, the conversations were interesting and it was nice to hear what others thought about things,” Dagmara says.

“We have had our first theory and on-the-job learning day, and both were really interesting. It seems that I certainly learned a great deal already in one day. I look forward to the next training sessions. The training is largely interactive, not just a matter of listening. And it is definitely a good thing, since I like being able to do things myself right away”, Sofia says.

As a part of the company strategy, Valmet Automotive invests in staff development, and the aim is to provide similar training on a regular basis.