Valmet Automotive employs as many as 80 university students during the summer. The students come from fields such as engineering, commerce, and logistics The summer trainees work at Valmet Automotive’s Salo, Turku, and Uusikaupunki sites in production, production technology, purchasing, SCM, HR, ICT, sales, and finance departments.

Valmet Automotive Summer Trainee
Most of the summer trainees started their work at the beginning of May. The picture shows trainees attending the first day of their induction in Uusikaupunki.


Responsible tasks for trainees

One of the trainees who started in May is Otto Runola, who works in the manufacturing engineering department. The work and team are familiar to Otto, who worked in the same team last summer. Otto is from Uusikaupunki, but studies for his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, at the University of Vaasa.

Valmet Automotive Summer Trainee
Otto Runola, the summer trainee in the manufacturing engineering department


“It’s great to return to the factory after winter. Work has gotten off to a good start and the demands of the job will increase over time accordingly. I hope to see an effect of my work at the plant, so that the work I do benefits both myself and Valmet Automotive,” says Otto.

Another summer trainee, who started in early May, is Olka Pirilä, who works in the Material Bookkeeping and Inventory Management team at the Uusikaupunki car plant. Olka is a first-year student at Turku University of Applied Sciences, studying to become a business administrator.

Valmet Automotive Summer Trainee
Material Bookkeeping and Inventory management team’s summer trainee Olka Pirilä


“I have a good feeling after the first few days. There is a lot that is new, but everything is interesting and the people I work with are nice,” Olka describes her thoughts on the first days at Valmet Automotive.

Valmet Automotive’s summer traineeships are about four months long. During these periods, particular attention is paid to the quality of the tasks, so that students can benefit from their training and complement their skills with practical experience.