Valmet Automotive has updated the company strategy for 2018–2020. It focuses on the role of engineering services to the growth of company with the new locations in Germany and the expanding activity connected to electric mobility. To facilitate this, the company is re-organized accordingly.

In the strategy, vehicle manufacturing, engineering services and convertible roof systems remain as Valmet Automotive’s core business lines. Engineering services, including battery systems provide considerable growth potential and synergies with the other business lines.

Valmet Automotive has an engineering team of 900 professionals, with 750 working in Germany. The engineering services in Finland and Germany are unified under the same management. As of January 1, 2018, Dr. Robert Hentschel will be responsible for Valmet Automotive’s Engineering business line as CEO. At the moment, Dr. Hentschel is responsible for the engineering services in Germany.

Dr. Hentschel will also be responsible for sales and marketing of locations in Germany. He will be reporting to the Board of Directors. Mr. Jyrki Nurmi will continue as the SVP Engineering Services in Finland, and will report to Dr. Hentschel.

Valmet Automotive Group management team as of January 1, 2018:

Mr. Ilpo Korhonen, Group CEO and acting President Roof Systems
Mr. Pasi Rannus, SVP Manufacturing business line
Dr. Robert Hentschel, CEO, Managing Director of Engineering business line
Mr. Stefan Ohlsson, SVP Business Development and Sales
Mr. Jyrki Nurmi, SVP Engineering Services Finland
Mr. Ulf Schönemann, SVP Engineering Services, Germany
Mr. Christian Kleinhans, SVP Group Business Development
Mr. Esko Harila, CFO
Ms. Minna Huhtaniska, General Counsel
Ms. Päivi Leskinen, SVP Human Resources

Additional information:

Mr. Mikael Mäki, Communications Manager
Tel. +358 20 484 8011
Email: mikael.maki(at) and FacebookLinkedInTwitterYouTube

Valmet Automotive is an experienced provider of automotive engineering, vehicle manufacturing, battery systems and convertible roof systems. Our special areas of expertise are premium cars, electric vehicles and convertibles. We employ over 5,000 professionals in Finland, Germany, Poland and Spain.