Valmet Automotive has today issued a change negotiation proposal on the need to reduce personnel at the Uusikaupunki car plant. The proposal is based on financial and production-related grounds due to a decrease in vehicle contract manufacturing services, which has led to a lower-than-expected number of new customer projects.

Change negotiations apply to all salaried and senior salaried personnel at Valmet Automotive Plc. The need for adjustments will concern a maximum of 165 employees. The change negotiations also apply to the salaried and senior salaried employees laid-off in the negotiation round in spring 2023.

The employer is considering layoffs, terminations of employment and changes in job descriptions. Solutions will be sought to best consider the interests of the personnel and the company.

The change negotiations for personnel adjustments will not apply to battery business.

Additional information:

Ira Silvendoin, HR Director, Vehicle Contract Manufacturing, Valmet Automotive

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