Valmet Automotive, one of the world’s largest vehicle contract manufacturers and engineering service providers focusing on electric mobility, is expanding its site in Helmstadt-Bargen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, to produce electrically powered small series vehicles for urban mobility.

This was announced by Dr. Robert Hentschel, SVP Engineering at Valmet Automotive, during a visit of Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.

The construction of prototypes and small-series vehicles is one of the important entrepreneurial pillars of the Valmet Automotive Group. So far these vehicles have been produced mainly in Bad Friedrichshall on behalf of customers. The company has been manufacturing in Helmstadt-Bargen since 2014.

The decision taken in 2019 to expand production for prototyping and small series in Helmstadt-Bargen is part of the Valmet Automotive Group’s strategic focus on electric mobility. At the location nearby Heilbronn, new solutions for urban mobility are to be implemented in addition to the traditional business. The reception by the market is promising: “We are meeting with vital interest, especially from start-up companies and firms that are entering the market with innovative products,” said Robert Hentschel during the visit of Mrs. Hoffmeister-Kraut. The start of production of an all-electric urban vehicle, for which Valmet Automotive also provides development services, is scheduled for 2021.

In Helmstadt-Bargen, Valmet Automotive has a production space of around 8,500 square meters. The company employs there 62 people in the units of body construction, mechanics and models.

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The Valmet Automotive Group is one of the largest vehicle contract manufacturers in the world, Tier 1 systems supplier to roof systems and a key development partner to the global automotive industry. In its strategic development, Valmet Automotive Group focuses on electromobility with developing and supplying modules as well as battery systems. The activities in the group are divided into the four business lines: Manufacturing, Engineering, EV Systems and Roof & Kinematic Systems. Since its founding in 1968, Valmet Automotive has produced more than 1.5 million vehicles at the Uusikaupunki, Finland plant. In Salo, near the Uusikaupunki plant, Valmet Automotive opened its first volume production of batteries for the automotive industry in autumn 2019. The company has locations in Finland, Germany, Poland and Spain. The largest shareholders in the Valmet Automotive Group are state-owned Finnish investment company Tesi and the Pontos Group, each with a stake of 38.46 percent. 23.08 percent is held by the Chinese Contemporary Amperes Technology Limited (CATL), the world’s leading manufacturer of batteries and battery cells for electric vehicles.