Valmet Automotive renews the company brand completely. The new logo, visuality and style are launched today. Also the company core messages and the story line focusing on the future of emobility are updated. The renewal reflects the change Valmet Automotive is currently undergoing, and it also supports a wider brand awareness.

Valmet Automotive has rapidly grown from a locally operating specialty manufacturer into a global group providing engineering and manufacturing services. In a few years, the number of company locations has increased from three to more than ten, and the number of group employees from over a thousand to almost six thousand.

The brand renewal reflects and is a part of Valmet Automotive’s comprehensive change. Today the results of a 6-month branding work will be revealed for the first time, when the new company website is opened at 10 AM (CET).

Valmet Automotive’s strengths include manufacturing know-how, a unique range of services and strategic focus on emobility. They yield the cornerstones of our company story – future-orientation, high competence, trustworthiness and effectiveness, and passion and joy. These are the main values that will be reflected in a creative way in all brand communication.

– The new brand is based on our updated strategy that leads us to grow profitably, extend our international footprint and focus on the solutions of emobility of the future. Speed has always been in our DNA, therefore the new tagline ”the fast lane to future vehicles”, says Mr. Christian Kleinhans, SVP Group Business Development, Valmet Automotive.

Valmet Automotive will also enhance the role of people in brand communication. We show the skilled employees whose input is essential for the success of company and customer. This is continuation to the employer branding Valmet Automotive has successfully exploited in several recruiting campaigns since 2016.

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Valmet Automotive is an experienced provider of automotive engineering, vehicle manufacturing, battery systems and convertible roof systems. Our special areas of expertise are premium cars, electric vehicles and convertibles. We employ 6,000 professionals in Finland, Germany, Poland and Spain.