Valmet Automotive is separating its manufacturing and engineering services’ management teams. At the same time the company’s group management team is confirmed. With these changes the competitiveness of the business lines as well as preparation for future challenges is ensured.

SVP Production, Mr. Pasi Rannus assumes responsibility for manufacturing services from September 1, 2015 onwards. In conjunction with this change follows that Mr. Risto Hukkanen, SVP Quality, HR and support functions, will report to Mr. Rannus from now on. The manufacturing management team consists in addition to Mr. Pasi Rannus (chair) also of Mr. Risto Hukkanen, Mr. Jari Parviainen (SCM), Ms. Anu Kirjasuo (Finance & ICT), Mr. Pekka Virolainen (Production Planning), Mr. Ville Laine (Body Shop), Mr. Sami Lindén (Paint Shop) and Mr. Pasi Lammensalo (General Assembly). Mr. Pasi Rannus reports to CEO Mr. Ilpo Korhonen.

SVP Engineering Services, Mr. Jyrki Nurmi, will continue to lead the engineering and sales services. In addition to Mr. Jyrki Nurmi, the engineering and sales services management team consists of Mr. Matti Räsänen (Sales and Marketing), Mr. Stefan Ohlsson (Engineering Strategy and Development), Mr. Erik Torseke (Business Development) and Ms. Anu Kirjasuo (Finance & ICT). Mr. Ilpo Korhonen will continue as the chair of this management team.

President Roof Systems, Mr. Harald Brunini will continue to lead roof systems services. In addition to Mr. Brunini (chair), the roof systems management team consists of Mr. Bernhard Thünemann (German operations), Mr. Remigiusz Greśkowiak (Polish operations), Mr. Carsten Haferkamp (Sales) and Ms. Beata Szawlowska-Halas (Finance & ICT).

The revised group management team will handle in monthly meetings issues relating to Valmet Automotive group functions. The team’s tasks are to support the CEO in his tasks as well as prepare materials for the board. The group management team consists from September 1, 2015 onwards of Mr. Ilpo Korhonen, Mr. Pasi Rannus, Mr. Harald Brunini, Mr. Esko Harila (Group Finance) as well as Ms. Minna Huhtaniska (Legal).

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