Valmet Automotive will continue manufacturing the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The Uusikaupunki plant is preparing for the new A-Class recently presented by Daimler by an intensive personnel training program and by implementing necessary changes to the production lines. The project initiated in March 2017 is progressing according to plans.

The intention of the project is to exploit the solutions developed for the previous A-Class as much as possible. The body shop is going through major changes based on the different BiW, but that will also improve the production efficiency. The current paint shop and general assembly lines will be updated.

In the body shop, the mechanical assemblies are finished and the work now focuses on programming and implementation. The layout remains, but all manual stations are removed from BiW manufacturing. The number of new robots is 73, and the A-Class body shop features a total of 223 robots, rising the automation level from 90% to 95%.

The A-Class related changes to the multiproduct lines in the paint and assembly shops are limited. In both shops, the changes are above all targeting on ensuring the required capacity for manufacturing two car models simultaneously, and on increased working ergonomics, safety, and productivity.

– In manufacturing engineering, we have largely exploited our experience with the previous A-Class. However, the new A-Class is a different car, so training our personnel, especially in the assembly shop is a top priority, says Mr. Pasi Rannus, SVP, Manufacturing Services, Valmet Automotive.

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