Valmet Automotive has concluded the change negotiations started on November 23, 2023 concerning all salaried and senior salaried personnel working in the Vehicle Contract Manufacturing business line.

As a result of the negotiations, the total number of redundancies will be 115, of which 20 are dismissals and the rest layoffs until further notice. The implementation of related measures will be started in January-February 2024.

The change negotiations were initiated due to a decrease in vehicle contract manufacturing services, which has led to a lower-than-expected number of new customer projects.

After the change negotiations, approximately 1,200 employees will continue to work at Valmet Automotive’s car plant in Uusikaupunki. The change negotiations did not concern the car plant production employees or the company’s battery plants.

Additional information:

Ira Silvendoin, HR Director, Vehicle Contract Manufacturing, Valmet Automotive
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