Valmet Automotive expanded its business considerably in 2014. The daily production pace of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class at Uusikaupunki plant had significant rise throughout 2014, with the company turnover exceeding 300 million Euros.

The activities at Uusikaupunki plant have expanded, as the number of employees there has risen from 850 to around 1,700. Furthermore, about 350 people from partner companies are working at the plant. The production volumes have risen from 7,600 units in 2013 to more than 45,000 units in 2014.

Daimler and Valmet Automotive expect the Uusikaupunki production volumes to continue rising significantly in 2015, with Valmet Automotive aiming at a new manufacturing record volume this year. The current record of 47,000 cars dates from 1992.

“We are very pleased with the way our organization has ramped up the production throughout the year without disturbances to product deliveries. The product quality has continuously remained excellent and the organization has been acknowledged for this by the customer”, says Jarkko Sairanen, Chairman of the Board.

Valmet Automotive’s ownership structure has changed as Finnish Industry Investment and Pontos bought Metso’s share of the company. Together with the company management, they now own all company shares.

“Part of Metso’s strategy was to sell ownership in Valmet Automotive, and it was carried out as planned. The change in ownership does not affect Valmet Automotive’s daily operations in manufacturing, engineering or roof business services. Our strategy and targets are clear, and we are in good positions to reach the targets we have set”, says Sairanen.

Finnish Industry Investment and Pontos became company owners in 2010, enabling the purchase of roof systems business in Central Europe, which has increased Valmet Automotive’s business with all important German car manufacturers.

“In the longer run, we are obviously interested in probing alternatives to find co-owners that share a strong industrial logic with Valmet Automotive”, says Sairanen.

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