45 years ago today, the first customer car rolled off the production line at Valmet Automotive’s plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Since then, the Finnish craftsmanship in car building has steadily secured its place on the top of the industry. And since 1969, the Uusikaupunki plant has produced over 1.1 million vehicles.

The success of Uusikaupunki plant is rooted in knowhow and specialization. The plant has focused for decades on premium cars; typically sports cars, convertibles and electric vehicles. Every third car manufactured in Uusikaupunki is a convertible, and in early 2010s Valmet Automotive was among the pioneers in serial production of electric vehicles.

Valmet Automotive has successfully expanded its offering over the years. The early contract manufacturer has become a globally recognized and renowned service provider for the automotive industry. The company is the third largest provider of convertible roof systems in the world, and the complete range of services includes a versatile offering in engineering and business services.

The number of personnel at Uusikaupunki plant has expanded steadily since the summer of 2013 and the launch of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class production. At the moment, the plant employs around 1,500 car building professionals.

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Valmet Automotive is an experienced provider of automotive engineering, vehicle manufacturing, convertible roof systems and related business services. Our special areas of expertise are premium cars, convertibles and electric vehicles. We employ 2,000 professionals in Finland, Germany, Poland and China.