Mr. Ilpo Korhonen has returned as head of Valmet Automotive Group starting from January 15, 2014. After his long sick-leave in the autumn he concentrated on ramping up the Mercedes-Benz A-Class production in Uusikaupunki. The temporary management arrangements have now been brought to an end and he has returned to lead the Group organization.

The Board of Directors of Valmet Automotive has nominated Mr. Staffan Simberg as a Board Advisor and a member of the Valmet Automotive management team from January 1, 2014 to support the board in the restructuring of the company. Mr. Simberg has previously worked with similar tasks at various companies. At the moment, he is among other things, a board member at Elektrobit Oyj and the chairman of the board at Endomines Oyj.

Valmet Automotive Group management team includes:
– Mr. Ilpo Korhonen, President, Manufacturing Services and operations in Finland
– Mr. Robert Blumberg, Roof Systems and Engineering Services, operations in Central Europe.
– Mr. Olli-Pekka Vanhanen, Finance and Legal functions.
– Ms. Tuija Lehesvirta, Human Resources.
Management team members report to Mr. Ilpo Korhonen. In addition, Mr. Staffan Simberg has been named a management team member by the board.