Mr. Jari Parviainen (M.Sc. Electrical Engineering) has been appointed Vice President, Supply Chain Management for Valmet Automotive Group as of December 1, 2014. At the same time, the SCM function will become part of Valmet Automotive’s manufacturing organization.

Mr. Parviainen possesses versatile and extensive experience in management and development of supply chain. In 1998–2010, he worked in various executive level positions in sales, supply chain management and sourcing at globally leading cell phone manufacturer Nokia. In 2010, he started at Foxconn, a major electronics contract manufacturer, managing Nokia account as Account Executive.

Mr. Parviainen will take up the position at Valmet Automotive on December 1, 2014, while the current VP SCM, Mr. Heikki Kivijärvi will be starting with another employer. Valmet Automotive wishes to thank him for his considerable contributions in managing and developing the logistical process, an essential part of Valmet Automotive’s success and profitability.

Supply chain management will also become part of the manufacturing organization to improve the order-delivery process of the company logistics.

Mr. Jari Parviainen will be a member of Valmet Automotive Management Team in Finland and reports to Pasi Rannus, VP Production.

Additional information:
Communications Manager Mikael Mäki
tel. +358 20 484 8011

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