Changes have taken place in the Valmet Automotive Board of Directors. The chairman for several years, Mr. Olli Vaartimo, will continue as a Board member, the new chairman will be Mr. Jarkko Sairanen, a Board member since 2010. Furthermore, Mr. Peter Augustsson and Mr. Harri Nikunen are leaving the Valmet Automotive Board of Directors.

The new members are Mr. Kai Becker, CEO, Pontos and Mr. Priha Pohjanpalo, VP, Legal Counsel, Metso.

The Valmet Automotive Board of Directors consists of the following members:
Jarkko Sairanen (Chairman of the Board)
Kai Becker
Franz-Josef Paefgen
Priha Pohjanpalo
Hans Joachim Schöpf
Olli Vaartimo

Valmet Automotive wishes to thank Mr. Vaartimo for his contribution to Valmet Automotive during his chairmanship, as well as Mr. Augustsson and Mr. Nikunen for their active role in the Board of Directors.

Additional information:
Communications Manager Mikael Mäki
tel. +358 20 484 8011

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