BETTERFLOW and Valmet Automotive have signed a comprehensive cooperation and supply agreement. BETTERFLOW, the aerodynamics expert for trucks based in Aachen, Germany and the Finnish automotive service provider Valmet Automotive have agreed on the production of a fully automatic rear wing system for semitrailer trucks. The pre-series production start is mid-2019; series production will start in late 2019

Valmet Automotive is the leading automotive company in Finland. 6,000 employees in Finland, Germany, Poland and Spain – including more than 1,000 engineers – specialize in vehicle development and production. The company has state-of-the-art technology centers and production facilities for components, systems and complete vehicles. For these reasons, Valmet Automotive is the perfect partner for BETTERFLOW: both share the same passion for innovation, quality and sustainability.

In sustainable improvement of semi-trailer vehicles, aerodynamic components offer a greater savings potential than any other technology. The patented rear wing system from BETTERFLOW reduces the air-flow resistance significantly. The unique wing system opens automatically while driving, changing the flow of air at the rear of the trailer. Reduced drag means less fuel consumption. Consequently, freight costs are lower and emissions are reduced, contributing to a better environment.

 The rear wing system can be quickly and easily attached to the rear of almost any trailer. At the beginning reefer trailers are in the focus. “Valmet Automotive has world-class expertise in designing and building robust and extremely compact kinematic systems. This is particularly important to the BETTERFLOW wings”, explains Dr.-Ing. Rainer Buffo, Managing Director at BETTERFLOW. “We combine Valmet Automotive’s skills with BETTERFLOW’s aerodynamic know-how. This is what makes our product so unique.”

 “It was very important to us to have Valmet Automotive, a reliable partner, at our side. Just like us, they are developing the vehicles of the future,” adds Dirk Sieprath, also Managing Director at BETTERFLOW. “We are very pleased that we are now moving to series production.”

 Both companies have gained the reputation of being innovative pioneers in their respective fields while also focusing on practical implementations. The partnership is now concluded: Valmet Automotive and BETTERFLOW have signed a comprehensive supply contract. At the end of 2019, customers, freight forwarders and fleets can equip their trailers with the fuel-saving rear wing systems.

 “Since its founding 50 years ago, Valmet Automotive has stood for holistic automotive engineering,” says Richard Stegmayer, SVP, roof and kinematic systems, Valmet Automotive. “We are interested in attractive and innovative projects where we can exploit our strengths in engineering and manufacturing. The idea of the rear wing system is ingenious and BETTERFLOW is on the right track with their ideas for aerodynamics and energy efficiency for future mobility. We see long-term success in this strategic partnership.”


Further information:

Dirk Sieprath
Managing Director, BETTERFLOW

tel: +49 (241) 990014-263

Richard Stegmayer,
Senior Vice President
Business Line Kinematic Systems, Valmet Automotive
tel: +49 (541) 38059 3000


BETTERFLOW’s innovative products optimize the aerodynamics for semitrailers, thus significantly reducing fuel consumption and freight costs. Since 2012, more than ten employees at the company headquarters in Aachen, Germany, have perfected the patented rear wing system. With additional components, BETTERFLOW further reduces air resistance, leveraging the full aerodynamic potential of trucks and providing customers with a decisive efficiency advantage.

Valmet Automotive is an experienced provider of automotive engineering, vehicle manufacturing, battery systems and convertible roof systems. Our special areas of expertise are premium cars, electric vehicles and convertibles. Valmet Automotive employs 6,000 professionals in Finland, Germany, Poland and Spain.