Valmet Automotive employs nearly 80 summer trainees during the summer. In this blog, we get to know Chaimaa, a summer trainee in the quality department of the EV prototype plant in Uusikaupunki. Chaimaa started her summer internship at the beginning of May: what kind of experience has she gained so far?

Chaimaa is a first-year student of production economics at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. She applied to Valmet Automotive in spring 2022 and got a job as a summer trainee at the EV prototype plant. Chaimaa’s main task is the quality control of processes, which involves a wide range of documentation and problem resolution. She also supports the development of quality and processes. There is close cooperation with the manufacturing engineering team.

Valmet Automotive trainee
Summer trainee in the EV prototype plant’s quality department


Valmet Automotive is a highly international workplace with more than 70 nationalities. This was new and surprising information for Chaimaa too. She thinks it is great to be able to work and build friendships with people from different cultures.

“Valmet Automotive is a leader in technology and innovation in the automotive industry, so I am really proud to be part of this organization. In this working environment, what I appreciate most is that I have seen people from all over the world working together and sharing the same values.”

Although the training period has now only lasted less than two months, she has already learned a lot more about battery production and has also been able to improve her own social skills.

Since day one, it has been important for Chaimaa to be enthusiastic and open to learning new things. With an open attitude, Chaimaa also wants to show her new team that she enjoys being part of the team and is always ready to support them in any way she can.

“During my internship, I have learned the importance of being proactive, open to new challenges, and seeing failure as an opportunity to learn and gain experience,” says Chaimaa.