Sustainability is an essential part of Valmet Automotive’s business strategy, and it is implemented in all three business lines and at the Group level. Minna, who works in the Sustainability team that supports all our business lines, has been interested in sustainable development and changes in business development for a long time. Therefore, getting her degree and starting a career in this field seemed like a meaningful and right choice for her.


Minna’s career at Valmet Automotive started as a trainee and continued to a specialist position alongside her studies. Minna graduated this year with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Environmental Management:

  • Previously I worked in the tourism industry in sales and specialist tasks, but a few years ago I applied to study for a degree in Corporate Environmental Management at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. I had intended to do a Master’s Degree in Business and Economics at some point of my life, and the increased free time during the pandemic was a good push to start the application process. I have always been interested in sustainable development and business, and I think a lot about what the world and our future will look like in, say, 10-50 years’ time. This degree and career in sustainable development therefore seemed to make sense and was the most interesting option for me, says Minna.

The automotive industry initially seemed like a new and completely unknown world, but it gradually became clearer. Minna also got to work with colleagues from all three business lines in her role, so she got to know the whole Valmet Automotive in one fell swoop.

  • I started as a trainee in the Vehicle Contract Manufacturing business line in the summer of 2022, working mainly on internal sustainability communications. I had a great supervisor with whom I came up with communication topics for all three business lines and was able to implement my ideas quite freely. After the summer I stayed at Valmet Automotive part-time and wrote my Master’s Thesis on measuring sustainability maturity in our company. I also continued to work with internal communications and got to participate in putting together the annual sustainability report.

In spring 2023, Minna moved to new position within the team and has now gotten to work with interesting and continuously developing sustainability reporting topics. It was a great honor to continue the work of a colleague who had taken a parental leave and face new challenges and tasks. Currently working as a Sustainability Specialist in sustainability reporting, Minna has also continued to work on internal sustainability communications.

  • The best thing about my job is the team and amazing colleagues I work with. At first, I was a bit nervous about the fact that I would be working mostly remotely and in a different city than other members of our team. I’m social and I need people contact and conversations with others on a regular basis, working alone all day is not my thing! However, my nervousness turned out to be completely unnecessary, because even though we are in different cities of Finland and Germany, I feel that my colleagues are always close by. Our team has good spirit, and even though everyone has their own responsibilities, many projects are related to each other in one way or another and it’s often meaningful to discuss those topics together, Minna describes the cooperation in her team.

Working in communications and sustainability reporting also gives you the opportunity to network outside your own team with different business lines and departments. This is one of the greatest things about her job, according to Minna, as she has gotten to know great people from all over Valmet Automotive and gained a good understanding of how things work in our different locations. Boosting cross-departmental collaboration has been really rewarding and gives a good overview of other business functions too.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for all businesses, and for us at Valmet Automotive it is one of the most important aspects of our business strategy. With the EU’s green transition, many new laws and regulations will enter into force in the coming years, including those related to sustainability reporting, green financing, product passports, and responsible communication. These are big topics that are extremely interesting but also challenging to work with, as there is a lot of new information and preparatory work as the requirements keep on growing.

  • In the last six months, I have learned new topics faster than ever before and have been able to work with exactly the kind of development work I dreamed of. The support of my supervisor has been invaluable and the working environment here at Valmet Automotive is supportive and encouraging. Although my job is very independent, help is always available. An open-minded attitude and a genuine interest in sustainability topics is an advantage in my job. An educational background in fields such as business development or environmental topics is an asset, as is, of course, any previous experience of working in the field of sustainable development or environmental management. However, for me, Valmet Automotive is my first job in this field, and therefore starting through an internship was a good route to my current role.


Minna sends her greetings to all those who are considering Valmet Automotive as a future employer:

  • Valmet Automotive offers a wide range of career opportunities in numerous different roles. Here you can develop your skills, be part of an exciting transition towards a greener future and witness the changes taking place in the automotive industry. You’ll also meet talented colleagues from all over Europe and become a part of a working community with a fast-paced and supportive atmosphere. Valmet Automotive also offers excellent opportunities for people in the beginning of their careers through internships and thesis work projects. Don’t hesitate to join us!