Elina studies automotive engineering at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and now wants to put her knowledge into practice and applied for a summer job at the car plant. Helsinki changed to the seaside scenery of Uusikaupunki for the summer, as Elina landed a trainee position as a supervisor at Valmet Automotive. She says the job inspires her, because the theoretical knowledge she has gained from studies will now be complemented by practical experience:

“The best part of my job is learning about production and assembly. In school, we have talked about car industry and how it works. Now I can see it all in real life! The plant tour on the first day was an amazing experience and now that I get to actually work here is awesome”, Elina reflects.

Elina’s first days at work have included several induction sessions, both general introductions to the company and the employment, and a more practical introduction to the work of a supervisor. Elina will be supporting a supervisor during the holiday period. Elina feels a bit nervous about the responsibility, but she is also enthusiastic:

“I’m looking forward to take the responsibility, to solve problems and to help my team. Although all this feels exciting, I believe I myself will get support and help by asking for it.”

Elina says the most challenging things in the job is absorbing and remembering everything new. There has been a lot of new items in the early stages of her employment, but she feels that help is always available. Elina also recommends Valmet Automotive to anyone looking for an internship:

“This is a very nice working community with plenty of interesting positions, definitely something for everyone! I really feel that employees can influence things here and everyone is heard”, Elina sums up.