Work tasks at Valmet Automotive are usually combined with vehicle and battery manufacturing. In reality, VA offers a wide range of jobs in various fields. Mika Kauppila, Manager, Electrical engineering, shared his thoughts on working in Valmet Automotive’s engineering positions.

The product development of Valmet Automotive’s EV systems activities can be roughly divided into three sub-categories, which are mechanical design, electrical wiring design, and electronic software design. Valmet Automotive’s special expertise lies in various solutions for the automotive industry. The work tasks can include engineering and testing of battery systems, creating concepts, researching new technologies, just to name a few.

Self-directed work in an international environment

“On one hand you can work freely and self-directed, on the other hand you must follow strict processes. The work was only slightly site-specific even before the corona pandemic, although the construction and testing of prototypes must be done in a laboratory or at the factory,” Mika describes work at Valmet Automotive. In projects, the work is done both independently and in teams. The teams and projects often have staff from Finland and Germany, so you become part of an international working environment.

We offer a 100 percent speed guarantee and a steep learning curve

Before Mika joined Valmet Automotive, he worked ten years in engineering power electronics and then a couple of years in engineering energy reserves. Now he states that he has learned a great deal at Valmet Automotive. During the few years that Mika has worked for Valmet Automotive, both the company and the entire industry have developed very much. An interesting project has kept the momentum going.

At Valmet Automotive the learning curve has been whopping in terms of both technology and management. In a few years, we have grown from “a small tinker group” to a large, international and highly professional player in the field of EV systems. I have had to hold on to my hat,” says Mika.