Jani, a student of industrial engineering, first arrived at Valmet Automotive as a trainee in the summer of 2021. After the summer, he continued his studies, but when the next summer internship came around, he decided to reapply to Valmet Automotive again. The summer of 2022 was then spent as a Quality Trainee at the company’s plant in Salo.

“In the summer of 2021, I was an HSEQ trainee at Valmet Automotive and wanted to see more of the company. For the summer of 2022, I applied for a slightly different position to broaden my perspective on different jobs and joined a familiar team at the Salo plant as a Quality trainee. My duties included providing backup and support to the quality engineers in their work,” says Jani.

During the internship, Jan’s upcoming thesis project came up and during the summer he negotiated a work commission for his thesis. Now, in addition to advancing the thesis, his working days are spent on tasks related to the development of the battery line and addressing quality issues. The best things about his job, Jani says, are his colleagues and the variety of the work.

“There is a good spirit in our team and you can always get help when you need it. I also like the fact that it is possible to influence the work tasks by being active,” Jani emphasizes.

In Jani’s opinion, Valmet Automotive is a large employer offering a wide variety of tasks and a multicultural and growth-oriented working environment. He also feels that working at Valmet Automotive is versatile and flexible. For example, he gets to work both in the office and in production, which brings variety to the work. The Salo plant is an inspiring place to work for Jan because it is a new plant and the battery industry is a fast-growing sector.


Tips on how to apply for a traineeship and succeed in the job

Jani has a few tips for those looking for a traineeship next summer, both for finding a job and for the traineeship itself:

  1. Invest in an open application and apply for the jobs that really interest you. Don’t get stuck in just one job title or position, but explore the vacancies with an open mind and a curious attitude.
  2. Be honest in the interview, be yourself.
  3. When you start your work, be brave and ask questions about things that bother you. There is no such thing as a stupid question Keep in mind to have more informal conversations and socialize outside your team, for example during coffee and lunch breaks.
  4. In a trainee role, it is enough to do your best – no one is a professional in their first job in the sector.


Summer trainees are again being sought for the locations in Uusikaupunki, Salo, and Turku. As in previous years, you will find a variety of tasks, a supportive working atmosphere, and a unique working environment in the paper industry. Just like Jani, several trainees have stayed at Valmet Automotive after their traineeship, for example as apprentices, part-time trainees, or permanent employees. Join us in building solutions for future vehicles!