There were several jobs on the list that are interesting – can I apply for all the jobs of interest or just for one?

You can apply for all the jobs that interest you.


How does the process proceed? When do you make your selections?

The search for trainee jobs opens on 8.1. and ends on 11.2. During that period, you can send your application for the jobs of your interest. We aim to start interviews as soon as suitable candidates are found. The final interviews and decisions will be taken by the end of March at the latest when all applicants will be informed. If you have not received a message, you should also check your spam mail because sometimes the messages end up there.


Can I work remotely/at the Turku office/in Uusikaupunki?

After the induction period, many jobs offer the opportunity to work remotely or at the Turku office. Each job advertisement will state the location and the possibilities for remote work.


Is the traineeship paid?

Yes. The salary is based on credits and varies between 1900 and 2500 e/month.


Are there any further opportunities after the summer?

Every summer about 50% of summer trainees continues as student workers, part-time trainees during their studies, or permanent employees.


Theses (can the traineeship be carried out as work for a thesis, etc.)

In principle, all summer jobs are traineeships with an employment contract, but after the trainee period in the summer, it may be possible to continue as a student worker (see previous).

Applicants may also indicate in their application if they are interested in working on a thesis and what kind of topic they would like to work on.


Can the traineeship be used as an internship for studies?

Sure! You can use the trainee period as an internship included in your studies. If you want to do the traineeship as an internship within your studies, please mention it to your manager so that we can fill in the documents required by the universities for this purpose!


What kind of work will the Trainees get to do?

Trainees will have the opportunity to do a wide range of tasks, depending on the job. We also want to offer the opportunity to take on more responsibility, and this is often something you can do as and when you want. You will find more detailed descriptions of each in the job advertisement.


Will the work be done only in day shifts and on weekdays?

As a rule, the work is done in day shifts and on weekdays. If working hours differ from this, this is stated in the job advertisement. So please check it out in the job advertisement for the job you are applying for!


What is the difference between working in Salo and Uusikaupunki?

At our Salo plant, the focus is on our battery industry. In Uusikaupunki, the jobs can focus on either the vehicle manufacturing or the battery industry. You can read more about our different business lines here and here.


Apply for traineeships no later than February 11, 2024!

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