The story of Valmet Automotive makes for intriguing reading. There’s been many twists and turns, numerous customers and products, and recently, unprecedented expansion and growth. So here’s some facts and figures from the past 50 years’! Did you know…

that the company has actually changed names? Originally, it was Saab-Valmet. The company was founded as joint-venture by Finnish Valmet and Swedish Saab on August 15, 1968. The name was changed in 1995, after Valmet purchased the stocks from Saab.

that the Uusikaupunki plant was planned to build only Saabs and only for the Finnish market? That was really the initial idea of the plant. However, the Finnish quality soon turned the car plant into a leading technology exporter in Finland.

that Valmet Automotive has manufactured a dozen makes of car? Most likely the list includes makes that will surprise you: Saab, Chrysler, Talbot, Opel, Vauxhall, Holden, Lada, Porsche, Garia, Think, Fisker, Mercedes-Benz.

that we have always considered ourselves an engineering company? The whole Uusikaupunki plant is engineered by ourselves, and our lean production system is unique. We also have a 1000 strong engineering team in Finland and Germany, providing solutions both to automotive and non-automotive industries.

that Valmet Automotive is also one of the globally leading providers  – engineers and manufacturers – of convertible roof systems and kinematic systems. Check our awesome references: Audi, BMW, MINI, Bentley, Renault, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche.

that in the anniversary year, Valmet Automotive is going stronger than ever. We are growing faster (almost 150M€ increase in turnover in 2017), employing more automotive professionals (6000 in 4 countries), producing more cars (90.000 in 2017) and participating in more engineering projects (and this is the secret section, you know…) than ever.

that we are in the front row of the megatrend change in automotive industry, the electrification of mobility. The future has never looked better to Valmet Automotive – that’s why we are the fast lane to future vehicles!