Valmet Automotive and Rideascout from Tampere, Finland announced today their cooperation with the novelty light modular vehicle Scouter. Valmet Automotive is Rideascout’s engineering partner in the project. The companies started cooperation with the Scouter model in 2017.

Valmet Automotive emphasizes solutions for the future electric mobility in its strategy.  Rideascout’s light modular vehicle Scouter is an excellent example of an innovative solution for mobility, and is therefore well suited to Valmet Automotive’s strategic goals and technological know-how.

Valmet Automotive has engineered the entire technical structure of the Scouter from electronic transmission to chassis and bodywork. In addition, Valmet Automotive is responsible for product testing and compliance with the regulatory requirements. Vehicle design work has been carried out by Valmet Automotive’s product development in Uusikaupunki and Turku.

– Scouter is a novelty product for Valmet Automotive’s engineering service. However, in the Scouter engineering project, we have been able to utilize our versatile automotive expertise, especially in power line and bodywork, says Jari Mattila, Director, Product Development, Valmet Automotive.

The light modular vehicle Scouter was presented today to the invited group of guests and media representatives in Helsinki. Later this year, Rideascout will be participating several events throughout Finland with the Scouter. Valmet Automotive and Rideascout will continue their product development partnership with the Scouter model.

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