Testing and validation

In engineering, the validation (or verification) means all the activities performed to confirm that a product meets the valid requirements. The requirements can for example be related to functionality, safety or durability. The validation can typically take place by means of digital simulation (CAE) or physical testing. All the required activities are listed in a design verification plan (DVP) that is set up early on in a product development project.

Some of the legally regulated vehicle requirements are required to be confirmed by an external review (certification) and approved by an official authority (homologation).

Physical testing is an important part of validation process but it is also performed just for gaining experience about the performance of a proposed design. Especially when comparing several technical alternatives together. Testing can also be performed for defining input data for digital simulations (loads etc.).

Depending on the case the physical testing can take place on a single component level, on a sub-system level or on a complete vehicle level.

Valmet Automotive can perform part of the testing activities in its facilities in Finland and Germany.