Concept phase

• Styling
Concept evaluation
• Architecture and packaging
• Product features

In the first phase the target is to establish themes based on the input of the initial discussions with the customer. The outcome includes styling with initial sketch work and models before scanning and surface optimization.
Alongside with these creative tasks, the team completes feasibility and ergonomic studies establishing a basic architecture, choice of materials and colour selection, while the definition of manufacturing technology is conducted.

The key targets for quality, costs and timing are determined. They become a part of the final concept proposal.

The result of this phase depending on the agreement with the customer are sketches, films, models, a mock up, 3D/2D data, a technical specifications book and target specifications for quality, costs and time to market. The goal is always to create an optimal product and manufacturing process.

At the end of this phase there is a decision on the technical concept to be developed and the project targets are defined. The Quality Gate review verifies the results of the concept phase.