Development phase

• Development of product and process for validation
• Development of product and process for serial production
• Validation (virtual and/or physical)
• Infrastructure, process and tooling specifications

The serial development of product and manufacturing process are managed through a customized Project Management organization. A project team is dedicated to the project and works in close relation with the customer team and suppliers.

First the product is created with the 3D engineering tools. Then the created product is validated by Virtual validation (CAE) and/or physical testing of the components, systems or the complete vehicle. This is to assure the conformity with the specifications.

Second the product and manufacturing process development are completed considering the validation results and other input from different departments in order to launch the manufacture of tooling.

The Quality gate review at the end of this phase, usually called the "Tooling Kick Off", is a major step in the project as significant investments are finalized at this stage.