Code of conduct

Valmet Automotive's Code of Conduct supports Valmet Automotive's sustainability and success, and provides us and our stakeholders with commonly accepted guidelines and perspectives for future decisions. Our Code of Conduct creates a uniform foundation for all business transactions and work assignments.

Code of Conduct describes our company culture, commonly accepted practices, and our commitment to compliance with laws and regulations. Rather than creating new obligations, it defines, confirms and documents our best practices.

Valmet Automotive's customer promise is creating success to our customer. This promise is described with the slogan "Design, Quality, Success". Our strategy for reaching this objective is based on four elements:

  • Valmet Automotive's Vision is: We are a leading engineering-driven automotive service provider creating growth and customer success.
  • Valmet Automotive's Values are:
    • Creating customer success
    • Performing best quality
    • Innovating together
  • Valmet Automotive's Code of Conduct
  • Leadership principles:
    • Show the way forward
    • Build inspiration and trust
    • Develop and coach
    • Drive results

This Code of Conduct covers the following key issues. Further explanation and guidance is available in specific Valmet Automotive-wide policies, principles and guidelines.


Integrity is fundamental to all of our dealings, actions, statements and reporting, and is an essential aspect of sustainability. We respect our promises and commitments.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We are committed to full compliance with all applicable national and international laws, regulations and generally accepted practices. Should these prove to be insufficient or open to interpretation, we seek out and consult with the best available expertise.

Quality and excellence

We accept nothing but the best quality in our products and services. We are strongly committed to excellence and the needs of our customers, as well as the continuous improvement of quality and reliability of products and services. We also expect the highest quality in our internal work and interaction with our co-workers.

Fair competition and compliance with anti-trust legislation

We support and strive for fair competition and free markets, and thus we refuse to enter into discussions or agreements with competitors concerning pricing, market shares, or other similar activities. We comply with the competition legislation of the countries Valmet Automotive operates in.

Transparency and openness
We provide the owners with information on our status and performance simultaneously and equally, transparently and openly, without preference or favor for any group or individual, and in compliance with the law, the rules and regulations of the stock exchange and the accepted practices of the equity and debt capital markets. We don’t use insider information directly or indirectly in stock trading.

We interact continuously with authorities and non-governmental organizations in order to develop and sustain open and direct contact with society.

Human rights

We support and respect the protection of human rights as expressed in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. As an employer, Valmet Automotive accepts the basic labor rights stated by the International Labor Organization (ILO): freedom of association, the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, the abolition of forced labor, and equality of opportunity and treatment.

We do not use child labor or engage subcontractors or suppliers that do so. We do not allow behavior that is physically coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative.

Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

We select and appoint employees based on their personal qualifications and skills for the job. We do not engage in or support discrimination in hiring, compensation, training opportunities, promotion, termination of employment, or retirement based on, but not limited to, race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation. We appreciate diversity in our employees' background, talent, insight, education and experience, and believe this contributes to our success and sustainability by enhancing innovativeness, flexibility and the ability to communicate with our stakeholders.

Intellectual property and company assets

We value the creation and protection of knowledge and intellectual property. Accordingly, we act to safeguard Valmet Automotive's intellectual property and do not allow unauthorized access to it by outsiders. Conversely, we respect the intellectual property held by outsiders and do not try to obtain it by illegal means. We encourage and support employee commitment and efforts to increase Valmet Automotive's intellectual property and thus to contribute to the competitiveness and profitability of the company.

We safeguard confidential information, information systems and technology, and Valmet Automotive's physical assets from loss, theft and misuse. We use electronic communication technology responsibly and professionally.

If financial misconduct is suspected, any employee can report it to his/her own supervisor or other management representative or directly to Valmet Automotive Internal Audit confidentially and anonymously.

Rejection of corruption and bribery

We do not become involved in business relationships that may lead to conflicts of interest. We do not pay bribes or illegal payments to obtain or retain business. We do not pay to facilitate favorable decisions or services from authorities.

We refuse to participate in or support money-laundering under all circumstances in our operations worldwide.

We do not accept gifts from business partners exceeding normal standards of hospitality. If the acceptance of a gift or favor contains the remote possibility of a conflict of interest, we always clarify the situation with management in advance.

Occupational well-being and safety

We strive to provide a safe, healthy and well-managed working environment. We work to prevent accidents and injuries by executing policies and actions that minimize, as far as is reasonably practicable, the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment. We establish and maintain systems and best practices to detect, avoid, respond to and treat potential occupational threats to the well-being and safety of all personnel.

We invest in safety to increase the well-being of our personnel, strengthen the confidence of our customers and create the basis for high-quality operations. Through systematic training we improve our safety knowledge and safeguard the development by continuous improvement.

Community involvement and sponsorship

We encourage all our units and all personnel to participate in community programs promoting the common good. Our sponsorship policy is to primarily support programs related to youth activities, science and research, culture, environmental protection and nature conservation. No payments or donations are made to political parties or individual politicians.

Protection of the environment and abatement of climate change

We anticipate the environmental concerns of our customers and the expectations of the public.

We continuously improve our activities affecting the environment and prevent environmental deterioration by applying the best practices and utilizing the synergies between our businesses as widely as possible and by actively educating and communicating environmental issues both internally and externally.

We strive for reduced use of raw materials and energy as well for minimizing related waste and emissions, and we strive for ecological sustainability in all our activities. Together with our partners and customers we strive for a minimized carbon footprint and thereby for abatement of climate change.

We strive to expand the implementation of our environmental management practices in accordance with ISO 14000 standards. Valmet Automotive is committed to the principles of sustainable development of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Ethical standards of our suppliers

We expect our suppliers and contractors to demonstrate similar high ethical standards and, accordingly, this criterion is of prime importance when establishing or continuing business relationships.

We strive to develop and maintain a network of suppliers actively willing to foster ethical principles and practices and are therefore prepared to support our partners in this by sharing our experience and views. The common goal of this cooperation is to reduce risks in the partnerships as well as to enhance confidence and reputation in the industry.