Valmet Automotive test center has modern battery testing equipment, which allows testing from single modules up to full size packs.

The tester can be used for both quick verification tests as well as for automated long-duration automated test sequences.

The test center has a closed-loop cooling circuit for liquid-cooled battery packs.

For example the dynamometer can be used to test the inverter and motor without the actual vehicle. This combined with the battery simulator allows powertrain testing to start very early in the development process.

Test equipment:

  • Battery tester
  • Electric hub dynamometer
  • Liquid cooling emulator

Dedicated testing facilities for electric powertrain:

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Environmental testing: cold and tropic rooms

Scope of services:

  • Battery testing (capacity, power, cooling system etc.)
  • Electric drivetrain testing (maximum speed, torque, power, consumption etc.)