Energy storages

Valmet Automotive can provide optimized energy module and pack designs for a variety of high technology industries.

We have innovative off-the-shelf concepts for energy system integration for the following market segments:

  • Energy optimized designs
    • Hybrid marine
    • Light vehicles
  • Balanced power / energy
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Full-electric vehicles
  • Ultra-high power
    • Industrial machinery
    • Peak shaving / spinning reserve

Scope of services in energy storages engineering:

  • Project management
  • System analysis and study
  • Battery packaging
  • Electrical engineering
  • Cooling system engineering
  • Testing and validation
  • Supporting functions
    • Component sourcing and purchase
    • Quality assurance – supplier quality and production quality
    • Manufacturing engineering – process, tooling and facility
    • Production activities
    • Logistics
    • Aftersales services



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