Sending invoices to Valmet Automotive Inc.

Valmet Automotive primarily accepts e-invoices.

E-invoicing address:  FI01439912FI220

Our e-invoicing operator:  Basware Oyj, code BAWCFI22

An alternative for the e-invoice - the possibility to send PDF-invoices via e-mail

Please consider the following when sending PDF files:

  1. The invoices shall be attached to the e-mail as PDF files and only one invoice per one PDF file. Invoices sent to us in any other format than PDF cannot be processed.
  2. One e-mail may contain several separate invoices in PDF format. Each of them shall be processed as one invoice.
  3. This service only accepts invoices, all other information shall be rejected.
  4. Only the following characters are allowed in the PDF file names: [A-Z], [a-z], [0-9], [.], [_]
  5. The e-mail shall contain nothing but the PDF attachment, because only the PDF attachments shall be processed.
  6. Please, do not send any e-mails exceeding 5 Mb.
  7. You will get a confirmation mail for each of the e-mails you have sent to our service.

PDF invoices via e-mail:    VA.FI220(at)bscs.basware.com

Paper invoices

If you send paper invoices, our invoicing address is

Valmet Automotive Inc.
PO Box 4

Please note

Only send the invoices with the necessary attachments to the above mentioned invoicing addresses.

The invoice must include the Valmet Automotive purchase order number in the same format as in the order. If there is no Valmet Automotive purchase order number at your disposal, please include the Valmet Automotive reference person's name in the invoice. Sending anything else but the invoicing material to these addresses is prohibited.

If you have any further questions, please, contact us at:   accounting(at)valmet-automotive.com