Product development process

The PDP orchestrates overall product and manufacturing process development with the aim of supplying tailor-made solutions. From the idea to the start of production, from individual component to a complete vehicle.

The PDP is supported by continuous Project Management (PM) with the aim of presenting optimal solutions. Specialists of the individual areas work together in a close inter-departmental network ensuring an effective development.

The process is cadenced by Quality Gates (QG) or milestones. The outcome of the preceding phase is examined and possible deviations in disciplines are resolved. The Quality Gates are adapted for each project in number and content.

Each Quality Gate includes a check list of outputs and documents relevant to the preceding phase. Each Quality Gate review is signed off by responsible management of concerned functions. Depending on their decision and the fulfillment of the checklist requirements, the project will be approved to proceed to the next phase or put on hold or it can be cancelled.