The Garia golf car specifications

  • Length 2,330 mm (92"), width 1,210 mm (48"), height with closed air scoop 1,850 mm (73")
  • High efficient 3-phase AC motor, 3 kW (4 Hp)
  • 6 x 8 V Trojan lead/acid batteries with water filler systems
  • Range 50 km
  • 24 km/h (15 mph) forward, 10 km/h (6 mph) reverse
  • Lightweight aluminum frame

Prices start at 13,999 EUR and 17,499 USD (excl. delivery and VAT etc.).
The designer of the Garia is Anders Lynge, Garia A/S.
The Garia was first presented at the PGA Expo in Las Vegas in September 2009.
The Garia will be available at Garia dealers in the US in January 2010. In April 2010, it will be available at Garia dealers in the rest of the world.

The manufacturing process of the Garia golf car at Valmet Automotive

The capacity of the process is 25 vehicles per day in one shift (5,000 units per year). In the early phase 10 cars will be produced per day.

The body frame and the upper frame of the Garia are of aluminum. The body frame is assembled manually. Methods are arc welding and riveting. The upper frame is welded by robots. The length of arc welding joint is nine meters.

The upper frame is treated in the phosphating and ED process of the car factory and painted manually.

Final assembly
The car is built on a carriage in the assembling area. First the wiring harness is installed on the body frame followed by the motor package, batteries, interior parts and rear panels. The upper frame is preassembled and installed on the body frame. After that the front panel, instrument panel, steering wheel, tires and seats are installed. The car is tested on a roller test and driven to the final quality measurement station.

Garia welding line

The welding line of the Garia: team members Jarmo Heikkilä, Ismo Heikkinen and Janne Metsälä.

(Download image, 1.44 MB)

Garia assembly line

The assembly line: Juha Seppänen and Arto Leinonen install the upper frame.

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Testing Garia

The assembly line: Jyrki Sairanen is testing the Garia.

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