Simulation services

Digital simulation is a way of analyzing the behavior of a proposed design by using CAE tools. The use of CAE tools has enabled the automotive industry to reduce product development cost and time while improving the safety, comfort and durability of the vehicles.

Digital simulation methods allow engineers to:

  • Obtain detailed information of the product without actually bulding a physical prototype and testing it
  • Optimize the product properties by evaluating and comparing different concept alternatives.

The starting point for digital simulation is always a digital 3D model of a concept. Based on this model a specific simulation model is developed in pre-processor software where geometry is cleaned and meshed with elements. On top of the geometrical data the material properties, joints, joining methods, loads etc. are needed to be able to complete the simulation model in pre-processor.

The general steps for digital simulation are:

  • Pre-processing (cleaning CAD geometry and creating a simulation model)
  • Running a simulation with analysis solver
  • Post-processing of results by visualization tools
  • Interpretation of the results and drawing conclusions.

This cycle is iterated, often many times, for optimizing the design. Modern software can automate certain iteration processes to achieve pre-set targets.

Valmet Automotive can support its customers by performing various types of mechanical simulations for resolving technical issues.

Examples of typical application areas:

  • Analyze stiffness and strength of components and assemblies
  • Calculate natural frequencies and modes of both components and assemblies
  • Analyze loads and accelerations of kinematic systems
  • Analyze buckling properties of components
  • Simulate component and assembly failure under impact or fatigue load
  • Calculate thermal stress and temperature disribution
  • Simulate air flow and calculate aerodynamic loads
  • Simulate function of cooling system
  • Optimize component stiffness, weight and topology

The set of CAE tools used by Valmet Automotive is the Altair Hyperworks software package:

  • Pre- and postprocessing: HyperMesh / HyperView
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA): OptiStruct and RADIOSS
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): AcuSolve
  • Multi Body Dynamics (MBD): MotionSolve
  • Optimization: Optistruct