Where are Valmet Automotive's locations?

The Uusikaupunki plant is located close to the harbor on the southwest coast of Finland, with frequent and fast sea transports between Finland and the continental Europe. The area has decade-long experience of car manufacturing with well-trained workforce.

The plant in Osnabrück centrally positioned in Germany, one of the largest convertible markets in the world. The plant has a track record of over 60 years, with excellent reputation for innovations and quality. The Osnabrück plant is also home for world-class roof system product development.

The plant in Zary, Poland, is located close to the German border, with excellent transportation connections. The operation benefits from modern production facilities and well-trained workforce.

Valmet Automotive acquired in February 2017 engineering offices in six locations in Germany: Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, Rüsselsheim, Bad Friedrichshall, Sindelfingen and Munich. The locations offer versatile engineering and testing services as well as prototype and special series manufacturing.