Engineering Finland

Valmet Automotive is one of very few service providers with in-house experience and expertise in vehicle and roof system engineering and manufacturing. Our longstanding experience and excellent track record in customer projects ensure we meet even the most challenging engineering demands by flexibly tailoring the services according to the customer needs.

Our engineering expertise offers the full range of services and solutions, from development of individual components and roof systems to concept cars and complete vehicle projects up to series production.

Product development services include styling, concept and packaging, concept building, serial engineering and prototyping as well as testing, validations and homologation.

Manufacturing engineering is a specialty area of Valmet Automotive, enhanced by the vicinity of our engineering and manufacturing facilities. The keys to our efficient and fast production launches are simultaneous engineering processes and strong project management.



"We can provide our customers with effectively managed and tailor-made engineering projects worldwide."
Mr. Jyrki Nurmi, SVP Engineering Services