Valmet Automotive is one of the most experienced contract manufacturers in the automotive industry. We pride ourselves with our reputation of cost efficient production of over 1,100,000 high quality cars, every third of them convertibles.

We have comprehensive experience over four decades in flexible and high-quality manufacturing of premium cars. We are renowned for excellent results in manufacturing projects and international quality studies. We are also an acknowledged pioneer in manufacturing full electric and hybrid vehicles. We offer the best in manufacturing services, and our global partner network helps guarantee the quality and competitiveness.

We have a proud track record of bringing premium specialty models into production quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently. Our competitiveness is based on experience and expertise in manufacturing engineering, competence in body welding, painting and final assembly, and quality-oriented, multi-skilled production teams. We also have instant potential for capacity expansion to approximately 100,000 cars annually.



 "Our experience and innovations ensure the best solution for any customer's manufacturing needs."
Mr. Pasi Rannus, SVP Manufacturing business line