External vehicle testing

Valmet Automotive vehicle testing focus is on the following project content:

  • Complete vehicle derivate project including aerodynamics, body alteration, thermal management, passive safety, chassis tuning, driving dynamics, ride and handling, electrics and electronics and homologation
  • Complete open top vehicles and cabrio/convertible roof system projects
  • EV conversation vehicles, EV system (HV, LV) body, energy consumption, battery packs, chassis, ride and handling
  • Body and closure strength and function
  • HVAC system adaption
  • Exterior and interior trim

Valmet Automotive can perform the testing activities together with partner(s) located in Europe. The partners are chosen separately for each individual development project. Target is to perform the testing activities close to the project office or customer site for cost optimization.

  • Test program management
  • Functionality testing
  • Safety testing
  • Durablity testing
  • Homologation