Example: Battery Pack Design

  • Proven solutions for both prismatic and pouch cells
    • Optimal cell technology can be flexibly selected
  • World-class liquid cooling system
    • Fully scalable to battery packs with over 1000 cells
  • State-of-the-art material and engineering solutions for pack frame
    • Lightweight composite and alloy designs
    • Harsh-environment (up to 10G static acceleration) mechanical robustness
    • Up to IP6K9K protection rating (fully moisture and dust proof)

Example: MonoLithic concept

  • The foundation of high-power industrial Li-ion battery packs is the MonoLithic energy module concept:
    • Solid one-piece light alloy design
    • Integrated cooling channels and cell pockets
    • Bus bar cooling for high power output
  • The main advantages of MonoLithic
    • Cost-effective adaptation to any cell type and configuration in order to deliver a unique optimized product for every customer
    • Superior liquid cooling performance
    • Superior cell lifetime by elimination of unwanted electrochemical battery cell expansion and contraction
    • Unparalleled robustness



               3D engineering model

        Functional test of pack & frame

       Lightweight and robust aramide
          composite enclosure

           MonoLithic concept