March 01, 2013

Valmet Automotive with focus on engineering

Valmet Automotive, the experienced service provider for automotive industry, strategically expands the engineering service offering. The business changes indicate an increase in the demand for engineering services. Concurrently, engineering services have become the third major business area for Valmet Automotive.
Valmet Automotive offers all the services automotive customers require, including engineering, manufacturing and logistic services. The focus in engineering is on manufacturing engineering, project management and complete vehicle projects, components and their integration.
Ability to launch series production quickly is a major asset of Valmet Automotive. Work with a multitude of production customers has honed the manufacturing engineering skills to the world-class level. Complete production processes are now offered as service also for companies outside the automotive industry.
Valmet Automotive is active in component engineering, both for EVs and conventional vehicles. This emphasizes the solution integrator role, especially in EVs. Whereas the EV development takes place in the Research Center in Finland, the Valmet Automotive teams in Osnabrück provide engineering services covering the whole R&D function. Furthermore, the Shanghai office is currently working on engineering projects for the Chinese automotive industry.
"We are constantly developing our operations to meet the customer requirements.
In engineering services our locations have networked into an entity to efficiently  support each other for the benefit of the customer. The target is to transform our technological abilities into service business, and engineering is leading the way", says Mr. Ilpo Korhonen, President, Valmet Automotive.
Further information:
Teija Ċhlman, VP Communications, Valmet Automotive
Tel. +358 20 484 8060
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