May 02, 2011

Porsche’s Finnish success story: 227,890 Boxsters and Caymans

The final Porsche assembled in Finland has rolled off the production line in Valmet Automotive’s Uusikaupunki plant. This is a black Cayman R, destined to a British car enthusiast. Cayman R is the sports version, equipped with a 3,4 liter engine producing 330 bhp.

The success story of 14 years has produced a total of 227,890 Porsches by Valmet Automotive, comprising 168,477 Boxsters and 59,413 Caymans. And the story still goes on – the contract between Valmet Automotive and Porsche continues till the end of 2011, with Valmet Automotive delivering Cayman pre-treated bodies and Boxster sides to Porsche.

The cooperation was initiated in 1997, when the demand for Boxster exploded and Porsche needed quickly a reliable manufacturing partner that could meet the high quality demands. The first Boxster was ready on September 3, 1997 in Uusikaupunki – with a record-short preparation time and with top quality. In all, a grand total 109,213 first generation Boxsters were assembled in Finland in 1997–2004.

To mutual satisfaction, the Valmet Automotive-Porsche contract was renewed in 2001. Now Valmet Automotive became an engineering and manufacturing partner to second generation Boxsters and the new Porsche Cayman. The production of new Boxster was started in Uusikaupunki in 2004, and that of Cayman in 2005. Caymans were assembled exclusively by Valmet Automotive.

After Porsche, the Valmet Automotive assembly lines are filled with the electric vehicle extender range Fisker Karma.

The enclosed image shows the last Cayman assembled by Valmet Automotive and a group of car builders, Eija Ahonen, Miia Uusikartano, Hannu Lehtonen and Teijo Komulainen.

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