February 08, 2013

Valmet Automotive signs frame contracts for logistics services

Valmet Automotive proceeds with the implementation of its new logistics strategy by signing group level frame contracts for the logistics services with DSV Road Holding A/S, Polar Logistics International Oy and Nybrok Oy. The companies were selected from a number of potential providers in a multi-step sourcing process.

"With view to the targets set for manufacturing the Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles in Uusikaupunki, Finland, we wanted to implement innovative, alternative and efficient solutions. Therefore, we have engaged partners who were willing to invest into collaboration with Valmet Automotive and who were able to offer the optimal match of innovativeness, commitment, size, geographical coverage, area specific knowledge, process orientation and flexibility. We have also carefully considered the cost aspect from the point of view of total cost of ownership. Building up the control tower function to manage all orders together with open communication between the selected partners is a fine example of the new concept", says Mr. Kalle Nuutila, Manager, Transportation and Packages at Valmet Automotive.

"The RFP/RFQ process was very interesting, because it forced us to create something new with regard to routing, transportation modes, transit times, environmental aspects and processes. We trust that the collaboration with Valmet Automotive Group will be a great addition to our business and it will improve our competitive edge. This is a very important project for the whole DSV Group, not only for the Finnish organization", says Mr. Hannu Lakso, Director Central Europe Division from DSV Road Finland.

"Polar Logistics considers this is a great opportunity to demonstrate that we are a world class logistics partner committed to Valmet Automotive’s success from top management to each individual employee involved", says Mr. Esa Kataisto, Chairman of Polar Logistics International Oy.

"We are very pleased to be selected as a service provider in this logistics chain. The new logistics strategy by Valmet Automotive is highly innovative and challenging. We are very much looking forward to reaching the set targets with our experienced team, together with the other selected providers", says Ms. Sirkka-Leena Haapanen, Transport Director from Nybrok Oy.

Contracting these partners paves the way toward Valmet Automotive's new group level logistics. They are now also the preferred logistics service providers for all Valmet Automotive Group companies.

"We have found the strategic approach for partner selection completely positive and it yield further benefits in a long run. For now, Valmet Automotive wish to thank all providers who participated in the RFP/RFQ process for their contribution. The executed process will save us and the providers a lot of time and resources when it will be applied in other Valmet Automotive locations. There will be no need to discuss liability and other legal issues, but instead we can immediately proceed to local scope and operational issues", says Mr. Heikki Kivijärvi, Director, Supply Chain Management, Daimler project, at Valmet Automotive.

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