May 26, 2010

First prize to Valmet Automotive personnel again in number of employee suggestions

For the third time in a row, the employees of Valmet Automotive were last year the most active employee suggestion makers in Finland. They made altogether 1,708 initiatives and improvement suggestions per hundred employees. The JTO School of Management (Johtamistaidon opisto) collected data from 160 Finnish companies, which employ 43,654 employees. 

Mr. Timo Kujanpää, Head of the Suggestion Committee, is pleased to see that the innovative and creative spirit has increased, although the start of production of the new electric vehicles has been a very busy period for everyone and although it was not possible to make employee suggestions concerning the new projects in this phase. 

Valmet Automotive awards the most active suggestion makers every year. The yearly awards for 2009 were granted to Mr. Tomi Koskiranta, team leader in the logistics department, and to Mr. Pekka Hällfors, car builder in the assembly shop. Tomi has encouraged his team to make improvement suggestions especially in the area of occupational safety and Pekka has had many ideas for energy saving.